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  • How many guest does Sycamore Hall hold?
    400 Guests for a seated meal.
  • How early can the bridal party get to the stone house and grooms quarters?
    The bride and bridesmaids can arrive as early as 6:00 for Hair, Make-up and Photos inside the stone House. The groom and groomsmen can get there three hours prior to the ceremony time. You can get ready anywhere you’d like inside the stone house but you need to keep makeup and curling irons and flat irons on the designated tables that we provide.
  • Can I take a shower or a bath in one of our very fancy bathrooms?
    Yes! You have to bring your own toiletries and towels.
  • Can we spend the night?
    No, but you can take a nap!
  • Do we need to clean up the stone house and grooms quarters before the ceremony or reception?
    This is really a question for the bride and groom. If the bride and groom would like wedding guest to tour the stone house and grooms quarters after dinner, you might want to secure your personal belongings inside one of our armoires or closets. Otherwise, you have to remove all your personal belonging at the end of the reception.
  • What can the groom and groomsmen do while on site all day?
    Play pool, watch the big game on two big screen TVs, jam out to some music, or just relax and pamper themselves! To keep this space nice for each and every groom and groomsmen, only pool balls on pool table. Absolutely nothing else is to be set on top of the pool table. No shoes on any of the furniture!!
  • Where can we have an outdoor ceremony and is it any additional cost?
    You can have your ceremony anywhere you’d like on our 10 acres. Most brides and grooms pick the grass in front of the pergola. The grass between the stone house and the pergola can hold up to 400 guest! Some couples pick the courtyard in front of Sycamore Hall for their ceremony site, while other choose inside the hall as their first choice! If the weather is not cooperating the hall is a beautiful backup no matter what! There is no additional charge for a ceremony at Stone House of St Charles.
  • Can our pet come to the wedding?
    Yes, we will welcome any kind of furry friends as ring bearers, flower girls bridesmaids or groomsmen or just to be in family photos. They are not allowed inside the buildings.
  • What time should I start my ceremony?
    We get this questions a lot! My answer usually surprises people. I think the time that you decide to start your ceremony or reception depends on how long you want to pay for a bar! We require the cocktail hour to start directly after the on site ceremony. Any more time than that between the ceremony and reception is awkward and annoying for your guests. The average time for a bar is 4 hours, some couples pay extra for a 5 hour bar. More than a 5 hour bar is not allowed. We do not allow cash bars or suspending the bar for a period of time after it has opened. It is a good idea to close the bar at 10:30 to allow time for your guests to finish their drinks prior to the lights coming on at 11 PM.
  • What time does the reception have to end?
    The ceremony start time also affects what time the event will end. The event is over at 11:00 pm or 1 hour after the bar closes, whichever comes first. If you start your ceremony at 2:00 pm with a 4 hour bar, and the ceremony lasts 30 minutes, the bar will close at 6:30 and the event is over at 7:30. The music and bar has to end by 11:00 pm no matter what day you get married. The cleaning crew comes in at midnight.
  • What if I want to get married at my church, do you rent your place for just receptions?"
    We only rent our place for the entire day. You can come in the morning and get ready, go to the church, then come back for the reception.
  • Do you have decorations and centerpieces that we can use for our wedding?
    Yes! We have tons of the most popular items that you see on Pinterest and google images for you to borrow for your wedding day. Our crew sets it all up for you and breaks it down at the end of the night also. You can bring in any of your own decorations too and we will set those up as well. (With some exceptions) We do not allow families or bridal parties to set up or breakdown decorations, only licensed and insured vendors like wedding planners or wedding coordinators. The hall is not unlocked until our crew is on site for set up. Your florist and dessert vendor are usually the only two vendors that will need to coordinate with us about set up time. Send me any and all inspirational photos from Pinterest for what you’re loving for decorations and centerpieces so I can check everything I already own off your list! We also have a ton of pictures of our decorations on our website on the gallery page. I also put out all my decorations at all my Open Houses. We have the Open Houses once a quarter and we announce the dates and times on our Facebook page.
  • I’ve heard you have a House DJ that is included in your package, is that true?"
    Yes, our DJ service is included. It doesn’t cost you any less money if you don’t use our DJ, doesn’t cost you any more if you do! We will provide music for the entire day. Ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. We also provide all microphones needed. Our DJ will do your reception only If you are having your ceremony offsite. He will not do your ceremony only. If you have a band or another DJ, they will be required to provide sound and microphones for your ceremony as well as the reception. Headsets, lapel mics, handheld wireless mics. We have a state of the art sound system that blows everybody away!!! You’ve got to hear it to believe it!!! We have THE coolest dance floor lights around also!! I need you to send me your complete music list one week from the wedding. Title and Artist with any special instructions written right next to the song.
  • How does catering work if I choose to get married at Stone House of St Charles?
    All catering is a separate contract with an off site catering company. All beverages must come from Booze Broz. If you get married on a Friday or Saturday at our place you have to use one of our preferred caterers. They are listed on our website on the Vendors Page. Our catering minimums are different from most places. We do not have a “pie in the sky” number that you have to hit. Our catering minimums are a per person minimum. You have to spend at least $50 per person on the food and bar. Those two things combined cannot cost less than $50 to get married at our place on a Friday or Saturday. If you chose a Sunday wedding you can choose any full service food caterer at any price point. Booze Broz are required for Sunday weddings too. There are no catering minimums for a Sunday wedding. We have to approve whomever you choose prior to you signing a contract with them. The caterer has to sign a contract with us to use our facility. They have to been licensed and insured with commercial liability insurance. Stone House of St Charles requires the use of China, flatware and glassware for all weddings. The only exceptions are for cake service and a to-go coffee bar. All china, flatware glassware, table linens and napkins must come in with and leave with the caterers. Noone else will be allowed in the caterers area to remove these items.
  • Do you provide a time for a ceremony rehearsal?
    Yes, we provide you a ceremony rehearsal time FOR FREE! Unheard of, I know!!! Friday weddings rehearse on Thursday nights from 5-5:30pm Saturday weddings rehearse on Thursday nights from 6-6:30pm Sunday weddings rehearse on Thursday nights from 5:30-6pm. It is imperative that everyone involved in the rehearsal be on time. Not too early and not too late. There is always something scheduled around rehearsal times so if someone is late it reduces the amount of time you have to rehearse. Alchoholic beverages are prohibited from the rehearsal due to time restraints.
  • How do I book my wedding at Stone House of St Charles?
    1. You can book a tour and do it all in person. You can sign the contract electronically and make the deposit by cash, check or credit card. 2. You can email or text me and request a PDF of our contract be sent to your email address. You can fill it out and email it back to us and we can send you an invoice for the deposit that you can pay online securely thru Square. 3. You can print a copy of the PDF file, that we email to you, fill it in with a pen and stick it in an envelope with a check for the deposit, put a stamp on it and snail mail it to me! If you choose this option just make sure you text or email me and tell me that it’s on its way because your date is not secure until your contract and check are in my hand!! Remember you make three separate payments to us: 1/3 down to book and hold your date. 1/3 180 days from the wedding. 1/3 14 days prior to the event. Checks are made payable to: Stone House of St. Charles All deposit are non-refundable.
  • How do we plan all the little details of our our big day with our Stone House of St Charles Coordinator?
    We will send you a form called a Banquet Event Order approximately six weeks from the wedding. You will need to schedule your final walk thru from our website once you have your final headcount. Just bring that BEO with you filled out to the final walk thru. We will go over everything for your big day! (Rehearsal, wedding party, timeline for the whole day, vendors, decorations, Floorplan, etc).
  • What are the rules we must follow on our big day?
    Rules & Regulations The Stone House is unlocked and ready for the bridal party at whatever time listed on your Banquet Event Order for Hair, Makeup and Photos. No smoking or vaping inside the stone house or smoking or vaping within 15 feet of a door or window. Anyone using drugs, including marijuana, anywhere on the property will be removed from the property and not allowed to return! You can bring in any food for the bridal party during the day. After the reception there is time to gather belongings from the bridal suite and groom’s quarters, though these are not spaces to gather for an after party. You can do hair and makeup anywhere inside the stone house except for the dining room table. Do not move, or allow photographers to move, any furniture, plants, lamps or decorations without prior permission. Do not place any objects on the display case in the stone house. You can keep personal items inside the armoires in the bedrooms. They are not locked but have high powered magnets. Keep the front and back door closed as much as possible. It will keep the house cooler or warmer either way. If you keep the conservatory door closed it will also help with the temperature in the stone house. Anything brought by you, or your guests must be removed from the stone house at the end of your event. The Grooms Quarters is unlocked three hours prior to on site ceremony start time. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times while on the property. No unaccompanied children are allowed to hang out in the Grooms Quarters. Only pool balls on the pool table. Absolutely no drinks, gifts, shoes, body parts, or people on the pool table. Children are not allowed to play pool. Do not take apart pool cues. No shoes, whether they be on your feet or off your feet, on any furniture. Even if the photographer asks you to jump up on furniture, do not do it. No smoking, or vaping inside, or on the balcony of, the groom’s quarters. At this time, no windows can be opened inside the grooms’ quarters. You can open the balcony doors, but the windows need to remain closed. Hang suits only on the hooks provided. Do not hang anything from chandeliers or bathtub surround. The Hall is opened and unlocked approximately 3 hours prior to the ceremony or reception, depending on your schedule. Absolutely no confetti or glitter! No money gun shooters allowed. No fake flower petals allowed outside. Do not give out matches as favors. No fireworks, except for supervised sparklers, without a county permit. Sparklers are only allowed at the end of your event. We do not allow sparkler sendoff photo-ops prior to the end of the event. Stone House of St Charles crew does all the set up and clean up for the ceremony site and reception. We will come and get everything from you that you are bringing in once we are on site for set up. Any items you bring in will be cleaned up and packed in the same manner that we received them and placed in the foyer or by the caterer’s road for you and your family to take home. No home made arbors, photo booth backdrops, chuppahs or any large items not provided by a licensed and insured vendor. No home made electrical signs or items are allowed. Only licensed and insured vendors are allowed on the premises for any additional set up. If you have contracted out with a vendor that is doing anything other than just dropping something off, we will need a Certificate of Insurance from them at least one week prior to the event. This is something any legitimate vendor will have readily available to email to us. All china, flatware, glassware and linens must be brought in by your full-service catering company and required for all events. The only disposable we allow is for cake service and a to-go coffee bar. The catering company is responsible for the ordering, the deliveries, and the pick-up of all rentals. Stone House of St Charles will coordinate with the catering company and the rental company for all pick-up and delivery times. All Friday and Saturday wedding must use one of our preferred food caterers listed on our website. Every wedding is required to use Booze Brothers for all bar services. Bar service will not be allowed for more than five hours. We do not allow cash bars or suspending the bar for any period of time after it has opened. Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to consume alcohol not provided by Booze Brothers. Do not give alcohol or flasks as bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts. The reception is over one hour after the bar closes or 11:00 PM whichever comes first. Friday and Saturday weddings have a catering minimum of $50 per person. You cannot spend less than $50 per person for the food and bar. Tax, gratuity, service fees, and rentals are not included in the food cost if they are a line item on the caterer’s contract. We have the right to refuse service to anyone we deem necessary. Disrespectful and/or destructive behavior will not be tolerated.
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